Famous T-Shirts

Famous T-Shirts
"The Big Bang Theory" Costumes To Join the National Museum of American History Collection

It's super cool when you see a t-shirt that you printed being worn, online or even in the news. I've been printing t-shirts for so many years now that they pop up from time to time. You see them and you know that you printed it or that it's your design. Probably our most famous t-shirt that was printed by my long-time t-shirt collaborator Tom Spicer, was Leonard’s “recycle” t-shirt of the 12-season television show, The Big Bang Theory.

This was quite cool to see ... but it gets better: It's now on display in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. [news]

Super cool.

This was a plastisol heat transfer that we printed in our shop in Austin, Texas. I can't take credit for the "recycle" design as it's pretty generic. Over the years there have been many more famous t-shirt sitings.

Leonard’s “recycle” t-shirt of the 12-season television show, The Big Bang Theory

One I printed myself on a Brother DTG machine was for Dr. Who's, David Tennant. This was an illustrated dodo that Tom found in an old animals engraving book. I printed it on a classic AS Colour raglan in burgundy and grey marle.

Flip Reverse It With David Tennant - Bring the Noise

The dodo was a massive hit and we printed quite a few over the years. Apparently, David liked the tee enough to wear it a month later at a Proclaimers show.

500 Miles with David Tennant & The Proclaimers
Illustrated dodo on an AS Colour Raglan for David Tennant

I saw another one of our illustrated engraving t-shirts at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction of Cheap Trick. Robin Zander wore my Tequila Drinking Skeleton t-shirt during the ceremony.

Cheap Trick - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Acceptance Speeches

Turns out that Robin wears it quite a bit. It was a short-sleeve t-shirt with the neck and sleeves torn out. Very cool vintage Mexican wood cut engraving.

Cheap Trick Live 2019 - May 18 at Woodlands, TX
Tequila Drinking Skeleton for Robin Zander | Cheap Trick

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